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Community Service Award by the Capital Area Health Alliance
21st Anniversary Annual Meeting
December 18, 2014 • Hannah Community Center • East Lansing, MI

Pam Miklavcic, PhD

Over the past five years, first as director of the Children's Health Initiative at MSU, then as founder of The Davies Project for Mid-Michigan Children, Dr. Pam Miklavcic has personally financed and invested hours of time into improving access to subspecialty care for children in the Lansing area. The Davies Project provides community-based, non-medical support to local families with seriously infirmed children. Its first goal is to help families by providing rides to subspecialty appointments-the main focus for the first few years. Over time, it will provide other help, like long-term tutoring, access to a support hotline, and participation in adopt-a-family programs.

The Davies Project grew out of Dr. Miklavcic's work with the Children's Health Initiative. As Director, she brought the community's attention to the need for MSU and Sparrow Hospital to work together to co-locate the subspecialty clinics, so families could take their children to one easy-to-reach location for their treatments, tests, and appointments. By focusing on transportation as the project's first goal, Davies Project volunteers supply rides while building relationships with families. Both interventions will encourage appointment compliance while helping families break through the significant isolation they experience when caring for a chronically ill child. Dr. Miklavcic has made, and continues to work for, substantive, significant improvements in the quality of pediatric health care in our community.

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